Commercial Playground Equipment Installations for Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura Counties and throughout Southern California and Northern California:

Sun Country Playgrounds specializes in the installation of commercial playground equipment, amenities and surfacing for schools, parks, churches, HOA management companies, daycares, and government facilities. We provide full service installations throughout all of California, servicing such areas as San Diego, Santa Barbara, Kern, Alameda, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Ventura and Contra Costa just to name a few.

We also provide installation for playground accessories such as tables, benches, fitness equipment, shade structures and sail structures, and safety surfacing products.  We are industry leaders in the installation of synthetic turf under playground structures and have created the best and most reliable system in the industry.

We have been installing our playground products for over 20 years. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured.  You can rest assured that with our experienced crews and our top of the line, state of the art playground equipment, site amenities, shade and playground surfacing you will get the best and safest playground available. All of our playground equipment comes with detailed installation instructions for community build or other type of owner-installed projects. We are happy to help any of our customers who want to do their own installation in any way we can.

Professional Installers for Water Parks and other Specialized Equipment

In some cases such as in Water Parks the installations are more detailed and complex and require certified and/or factory approved and trained installers that are specifically trained in that type of equipment.  In this case, we will recommend that our clients consider using our specially trained and certified installers rather then attempting it on their own or with their own installers.

The correct installation of playground equipment, surfacing, shade, etc. is of course a vital part of any playground project and it is recommended that you use only highly qualified installers that are licensed, bonded and insured.  We recommend that you check references and the experience of any contractor you consider hiring. If your equipment, surfacing or site amenities are not installed correct you can void the warranty.

Here at Sun Country Playgrounds we work diligently to create a safe and beautiful playground for all of our clients.  With our experience and expertise and installing large commercial, small commercial and public playgrounds we can help you and your organization design and build the best quality and durable playground imaginable.  Sun Country Playgrounds only works with the very best suppliers and manufacturers.

With safety our biggest concern we make sure that our designs and installations meet or exceed the latest design and safety standards for commercial playground equipment per ASTM and CPSC guidelines, as well as designing to meet ADA ­ Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADDAAG).

What They’re Saying About Sun Country
"The playground equipment at Mission Oaks Park is one of, if not the best in the District. I’ve taken our grandchildren to the park on many occasions and it's always in use. Children and parents enjoy the features and the play value provided by the equipment. Plus, it just looks good! The large amount of white sand makes the playground appear to be floating, like an island. And to your credit, I enjoyed sitting on the bench and watching the kids play hopscotch. Again, good job!" — Dan at Pleasant Valley Parks & Recreation Department.
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