Shade Structures


PPS39_ParkSite_UltraShade_Hip_Rectangle_1630We offer and install a wide array of shade options for protecting playgrounds and outdoor gathering areas in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Contra Costa, Sacramento, Alameda and all other counties in California.  Sun Country Systems provides and installs many varieties of shade structures to its customers throughout Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Hawaii.

Shade is an important element when designing a commercial playground. Protecting our children from the damaging UV rays is a necessary product to incorporate in your playground design. Sun Country Systems offers a variety of products to choose from. Our fabric of fabric shade structures, sails and umbrellas are a popular choice among our customers. There are many styles available including hip roof, cantilever, umbrella, pyramid, shade sails, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, extreme span and custom shade structures.  All of our shade structures are engineered to comply with wind and snow load regulations.  Local engineering stamps are available for all areas of California.

PPS39_ParkSite_UltraShelter_Hex_PortArthurWe also offer California Division of the State Architect approved shades for use in public facilities within the State of California on projects that demand this certification. These structures have up to 98% UV protection, 90% shade – which lowers temperature significantly, withstand 80 mph winds, are proven to last over 12 years, are designed by engineers and come in custom sizes to fit any area.  There is no maintenance needed to any of our shade structures.

At Sun Country Systems our Pavilions, Shelters, Kiosks and Gazebos are all designed and manufactured for the most demanding requirements and extreme conditions, using only the highest quality materials available.  Please contact us to obtain further details on all the options available such as wood or steel posts, powder coating colors, roof styles (hip or gable), sizes type of roofing materials.  We offer an anti-bird nesting feature that provides a more sanitary environment for meetings and gatherings.  Additionally, we offer Aqua-Kote, a chemical resistant coating recommended for harsh environments such as coastal areas.

PPS39_ParkSite_UltraShade_0025All of our shade and shelter products are recommended for installation at schools, parks, homeowners associations, apartments, hotels, water parks, universities and all other public meeting places.

Please call us at (877) 268-1550 or contact us online to arrange for a free estimate and site visit and to discuss our products in more detail for your commercial shade structure project.

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"The playground equipment at Mission Oaks Park is one of, if not the best in the District. I’ve taken our grandchildren to the park on many occasions and it's always in use. Children and parents enjoy the features and the play value provided by the equipment. Plus, it just looks good! The large amount of white sand makes the playground appear to be floating, like an island. And to your credit, I enjoyed sitting on the bench and watching the kids play hopscotch. Again, good job!" — Dan at Pleasant Valley Parks & Recreation Department.
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