Planning Your Playground

20-00005_3DT_DIM_CATALOG-01Making it happen:

Creating the perfect playground from conception to reality!

We know that selecting and installing a playground can be a challenge. Most organizations start off with more questions than answers. How much space do we need? What’s our playground’s focus? How do we want the playground to look? How will parents, owners or board members react? How much money do we need, and how do we raise it? We find it’s usually best to approach the task of creating a new playground – by taking things one step at a time. And don’t worry! Sun Country Playgrounds will be there to help you every step along the way.

Step 1: What do you Need?

Our playground equipment specialists are trained to help you conduct a thorough assessment that takes into account such factors as objectives, age of children, space considerations, capacity requirements and budget limitations. And this playground equipment assessment won’t cost you a penny. That’s right our designs are always free!

We’ll also conduct a site inspection to analyze all of the details related to your playground including space, budget, site requirements and more. And of course, we’ll help you understand and comply with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

Step 2: Playground Design

10-00002_3DT_DIM_CATALOG-01Using our incredible easy design process your Sun Country Playground equipment specialist can bring your playground to life, providing you with 2D and 3D drawings to help you visualize your creation. This enables you to select just the options, play structures and activities that best suit your preferences, so you can buy with confidence.

Sun Country Systems will design with a long-term commitment to providing accessible playgrounds for every child, regardless of ability or disability.

Step 3: Build Consensus And Raise Funds

Because of our years of selling to cities, park boards, schools, day care centers, churches, other organizations, we understand the challenges you face in gaining the “approval” of parents, teachers, directors and other important people making the decisions. That’s why we’re prepared to help with everything fromplayground fundraising and grants programs to presentations.

Step 4: Delivery

Nobody has a faster turnaround time than our playground manufacturer, and our goal is for every order to be 100% complete, correct and on-time. We’ll also make sure you’re ready to receive the playground equipment shipment by letting you know exactly when it will arrive and how you need to prepare. Our equipment is 100% USA made.

Step 5: Playground Installation

Some organizations prefer to have us handle the entire installation, whereas others like to take a team approach to build enthusiasm and promote a sense of community through a community build. Here at Sun Country Playgrounds as full service company we can install all of your playground equipment, surfacing and amenities. You can count on us to make sure your site is properly prepared and to ensure that your playground installation is done right and in compliance with industry safety guidelines.

Step 6: Safety Instructions

To get the most out of your playground equipment, it’s important that your teachers, parents, caregivers and others know how to supervise children on the playground. That’s why we will provide a comprehensive National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) Supervision Kit absolutely FREE with every play structure ordered.

Step 7: Service

If you have any questions or need additional service, we stick around long after your playground is in the ground and the kids have played on it. Call Sun Country Systems at 877-268-1550 at any time you need assistance.  You can rely on the entire Sun Country team and our industry-leading warranties to assist you long after the installation is complete.

What They’re Saying About Sun Country
"The playground equipment at Mission Oaks Park is one of, if not the best in the District. I’ve taken our grandchildren to the park on many occasions and it's always in use. Children and parents enjoy the features and the play value provided by the equipment. Plus, it just looks good! The large amount of white sand makes the playground appear to be floating, like an island. And to your credit, I enjoyed sitting on the bench and watching the kids play hopscotch. Again, good job!" — Dan at Pleasant Valley Parks & Recreation Department.
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